How It Works

Utilize employees of your company to capture images and videos of unique experiences occurring at your business via our app or upload previously created content to our website. bizsoci app and website is ideal for any business of any size!

Some examples of capturing
experiences include:

The setup


First set up integrations and teams in the bizsoci website.

Start Uploading

Then each employee will be able to download the app and start capturing, hashtagging, describing, and saving new experiences. 

Publish to Your Audience

These images and videos will all be saved to the bizsoci website where designated members can evaluate each experience. Once an experience is ready to be posted or you upload previously created images and videos, bizsoci makes it easy to post directly to all your official business profiles on social media sites at once. Here is a list of social media sites currently supported. We are working everyday to add more.

Capture Content to Post

Employees of your company witness the most memorable experiences that occur at your business. Their everyday experiences are truly the best examples of content your business can get to help tell its story on social media. With bizsoci’s one-of-a-kind app allow anyone you choose in your company to help capture videos or images of everyday experiences they encounter at your business. 

Team Chat

Easily communicate with employees of your company with bizsoci app and website team chat feature. Direct, remind, and advise your team and employees what content to capture. By staying on the same page with employees of your business content creation can be such a team building exercise.

Multi-Social Media Site Posting

Simple Integration set up via bizsoci website makes it easy for designated members of the organization to post newly created or uploaded content to multiple major social media sites. With the click of a button, post directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Pinterest, Vimeo, and Tumblr at once.

Image Enhancement

Enhance your business’s captured experiences with bizsoci’s in-app image enhancement feature. Power your experiences with adjustments, filters, transform, overlay, focus, and customize with text, stickers, brush, and frames.


Designated members can automatically schedule out experiences on all supported social media sites at once directly from app or website. Save time and keep your business’s social media sites constantly active.

Consent Form

Getting consent forms signed allowing permission to post certain experiences to social media sites is important but can be clumsy. bizsoci makes it incredibly easy for every employee to get proper consent allowing sharing experiences on social media sites. The forms are all conveniently organized in one spot.


Automatically organize all your experiences in one searchable website. No more trying to find and see what experiences have been posted, when, and where.


Designated members can monitor how experiences at your business are building your brand awareness and driving growth from views and likes by customers that are searching for your business.

Automated Adjustments

Every social media site has their own specific rules for dimensions and sizes which can be incredibly confusing. bizsoci provides an automated solution that will perfectly resize and scale your images or videos for each individual social media site.